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July Alien Book of the Month 

Ogled by the Alien Overlord

by Ashlyn Hawkes

The overlord of the Novans is still adjusting to being the father of twins when his stunning Earthling wife Nadia suggests they head to Earth for a vacation.


It's been hard enough for them to find time for themselves, but now she wants to travel to her home planet with their babies? How are they going to recapture their magic and love?


Oh, and she keeps mentioning Christmas. What is that exactly and will it help or hinder his efforts to spark their romance all over again?

Here's an Excerpt

I can’t help ogling my wife. She’s the most ovian gorgeous woman on Kuria, on Earth, or any other planet.


Nadia glances over at me. Her high cheekbones and sharp features make me lick my lips. She is utterly delicious.


Her blue eyes brighten, and she winks at me before glancing down at the babies. The sleeping babies.


Wait, is that right? The babies are six weeks old, and I don’t think they’ve slept at the same time since they first were born.


Now is the time for us. Finally.

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