Dragon Lure Cover - Elyce de Reefe.jpg

June Book of the Month 

Dragon Lure

by Elyce de Reefe

Ian thought the hardest things on his agenda were the twin tasks of finding a new job and keeping his ex-navy buddy Bobby from becoming another statistic. The kind that comes back from war without a scratch but can’t manage the transition to civilian life.

Then a chance encounter in a dark alley changes everything. Instantly, he is plunged into a world beyond his understanding. A world with Dragons.

And then there’s Kaitlyn. Beautiful and vulnerable and needing his help— right now. But can he really embrace this new reality in order to recue her? Because suddenly the stakes are much higher, and the survival of the planet may depend on his decisions. Unless it’s all in his head…

Get ready for a wild ride with Book 1 of this hot new romance series. It's a little bit dragon shifter, a little bit Sci-Fi, with plenty of action and suspense. Immerse yourself in a world of dragon shifters, former military men, nefarious Russian mobsters and more! Travel from the streets of Brooklyn to the Azores, the Aron Islands, and the Pyrenees mountains. And most of all, get ready to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about the world. Because dragons are real—and they’re coming back…