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December Reverse Harem Book of the Month 

Amber Goes Yeti

by Mia Harlan

Getting snowed in with my fated mates would be a lot more fun if it didn't mean losing Jewels Cafe...


I'm setting up for the biggest winter bash Silver Springs has ever seen when the snow hits the fan and leaves me trapped inside Jewels Cafe with my three fated mates. I should be shifting with excitement. Normally, I'd take any excuse to be alone with the two hot shifters and the man I've loved since we were kids. But if the winter bash doesn't have the town rocking the night away, my beloved cafe will go out of business. So of course that's when the heat goes out, and I panic and shift into a big, hairy yeti. Fated mates or not, I'm not sure the guys will ever want to heat things up with me again, and now I fear I might lose everything and everyone I love.

Here's an Excerpt

Outside the window, last night’s blizzard is still in full swing. I’ve been told it snows every year on Mid-Winter’s Eve, but I didn’t picture it being quite this bad. Mounds of snow are piled high against the front of the cafe, and I can barely make out Main Street. We’re going to have a lot of shoveling ahead of us if we’re going to open the cafe in time for this afternoon’s party. Which I’ll worry about after I turn on the thermostat. If I don’t heat this place up, stat, no one in their right mind will stick around, party or no party.


I debate heading back upstairs to grab my jacket—plus a hat, gloves, and maybe ten heated blankets—but why go to all that trouble when I can shift instead?


Being a chameleon has its perks. I can turn into anyone I’ve seen over the past week, and Silver Springs is brimming with supes. Creatures with much higher metabolic rates and better resistance to the cold than me. Which is why I end up going for the less attractive, but safer and more surefire choice. The Yeti.


I channel my chameleon magic, shift, and instant warmth! It feels like slipping into a fur coat, inside another fur coat, inside a third fur coat that comes with fuzzy socks that send liquid heat coursing through my body. Who needs a hat, scarf, or gloves, when you’ve gone Yeti?


My amber-colored sweater-dress magically reforms and stretches around my Yeti potbelly. Kind of gross, come to think of it, but I’m so warm I can’t quite bring myself to care.


Until my attention zeroes in on the junk between my legs. One particular appendage feels overly large, and I wonder what it looks like. I mean, it’s not like you can feel the shape of your junk just by thinking about it.


I take a step toward the back room and grimace. Where did my leggings and undies go? Why am I never wearing leggings or undies when I shift into guys? And why do they all have oversized packages that rub against my inner thighs?


I take another step and grimace. Okay, I did not need to feel that. Not. At. All. And why is it prickly?!

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