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Reverse Harem Book of the Month

Celena's Pack

by R.L. Wilson

After nine excruciating months, I’ve finally escaped the prison of my lamp.


To my great surprise, my long-awaited freedom introduces me to three drop-dead gorgeous shifters. The best part—Jeremy, Zachary, and Adam are my new masters. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But if I’ve learned anything in the last nine months, it’s that nothing is normal.


I’m between the menacing fae Prince who wants me and the lamp back, and wondering if the shifter trio are the rightful owners or thieves who stole it from the demon master. But anything is better than returning to the fae prince.


Now all I have to do is not fall in love with my new masters. That would be bad, but what the Jinn Council doesn’t know can’t be wrong. Can it?


Fans of Bella Forrest will devour the Magical Jinn Series.

Here's an Excerpt

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