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PNR Book of the Month

Gift of Stone

by  C.L. Carhart

Magic is a valuable asset—until it pulls a newbie witch into unwanted romance.


Abandoned with mystical blood pulsing through my veins, I struggle to choose the best path forward. My newfound elemental gifts were supposed to help me save my family from bondage. But instead, magic has aroused a compulsion to offer my body and soul to a fiery priest I've never met.


My fated mate insists I should embrace our destiny, that we can accomplish more together than apart. Apparently, the entire Teuton community will suffer if we don’t unite our bloodlines in ritual marriage. But my mate has no concept of the danger breathing down my neck, or what it could mean if my enemies learn of our connection.


Can I rescue my family while shielding my mate from the backlash? Or will the demons haunting my past destroy everything I hold dear?

Here's an Excerpt

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