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December Shifter Book of the Month 

Totally Frosted

by Zoey Indiana

Need to deliver an order for shifter speed dating, what could go wrong?

I've watched the years drag by, waiting for the day I can remove my curse. Forced into an unnatural form, my shifter beast screams for release. Then a friend calls with a request. His new dating service needs cookies, and I own every bakery in town. Fated mates aren't real, so his business must be a scam.

But the human woman owner of my latest acquisition protests my takeover of her bakery, I feel in my soul she's my fated mate. It's too late to change bakeries. I have to convince her to do me a favor... the man who just stole her livelihood.

My first mistake was stealing her bakery. The second was thinking I could tell her what to do. If she finds out about my curse, she'll laugh me right out of town. It's my darkest secret. If anyone finds out, I'm a dead shifter.

Totally Frosted is the eighth in a series of short, steamy, shifter holiday romances. If you love laughing, cursed heroes, and fated mates, then you won't want to miss out on this treat… Read Totally Frosted today to start your next delicious adventure!

Here's an Excerpt


"You're not welcome here." Her voice slid across my skin, sparking dirty thoughts. Following that up, was an all-consuming urge to drop to my knees at her feet and convince her to let me claim her as my mate. I'd taken three steps toward her before I realized it. Grounding my feet to the floor, I refused to give in to my urge. "Dammit. Of course you'd be one of them."

I watched as she growled, gripping the dough and throwing her weight into kneading it. Thinking back to the scathing letter where she proclaimed she'd do everything in her power to stop me, it had been signed. "Blaze?"

"No! You don't get to say my name." She picked up the dough and threw it on the table, sending flour exploding everywhere. "I don't need one of your kind here, messing up my life. So leave."

My heart fluttered, like in a fucking rom com movie. I wanted to challenge her, to see her flustered while pressed against my chest. The thought of watching her ride me in the throes of angry sex made me rock hard. Hormones kicked in as my common sense fled. I didn't hesitate as I stalked over to her, spinning her around and pinning her against the edge of the table. She hissed as I pulled her into a hard, needy kiss.

Blaze moaned into my mouth. For a moment, she kissed me back, then her body stiffened as she broke the kiss. A handful of flour exploded against my face. I inhaled to question her, but the flour went up my nose, and I only had a split second to feel the horror slam into me.

The sneeze happened before I could escape. My body shrank as my dignity folded into itself until it disappeared from existence. I silently swore at the witch who'd cursed me centuries ago. My tiny arms reached out, trying to stop myself from smashing into the ground. I'd learned the hard way it hurt like a sonofabitch, but wouldn't kill me to be smashed into nothing more than crumbs. I slid along Blaze's apron, slipping into her pocket.

When the fabric parted as Blaze's hand slid inside, I swallowed the last ounce of my dignity. It would be impossible to explain what just happened. As a human, she wouldn't understand. Hell, I'd lived like this for almost five-hundred years and I still didn't. Her hand scooped me up and set me on the table.

"What the fuck just happened?" I stood there waiting for her to lose her mind, but she remained still, glaring at me with little glimpses of curiosity. I couldn't find the words to answer her. I'd gone over a hundred years without a human witnessing my premature cookiefication. "I knew you were a shifter, but I've never seen anyone turn into a cookie before. You're a fucking gingerbread man cookie."

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