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July Shifter Book of the Month 

Her Donut Shifters

by Mia Harlan

Jetta hates donuts. Can three donut shifters change her mind?


When a donut shop opens down the street from my house, I want it gone. Then I meet the three delicious owners and fall in love at first sight. There’s just one problem—they shift into the one thing I hate most: donuts.


Can my three fated mates, a few dozen sugary treats, and a little bit of magic help us set aside our differences and find our happily ever after?


Her Donut Shifters is a short, fun-filled, steamy, reverse harem romcom featuring a witch who hates donuts and three shifters who love them. It stands alone and comes complete with quirky characters, laugh-out-loud moments, steamy shenanigan with donuts, and a happily-ever-after. Grab a sugary snack and get your copy today!

Here's an Excerpt

I wake up to the smell of baking donuts. Disgusting, carb-laden, gluten-infested donuts. I can practically feel the empty calories seeping into my pores. There’s a good chance I might throw up.


What kind of sadists bake at eight o’clock every night? Oh, right. The three men who opened the Squishy Shifters Donut Emporium right down the street from my home.


I used to wake up with the setting sun. I’d meditate and go for a moonlit jog. I’d play with the neighbor’s Golden Retriever. I’d enjoy a bowl of sugar-free oatmeal on the front porch. I’d even work from the comfort of my own home.


Now, I drive to the office as soon as I wake up. I work overtime to avoid the smell. And I send letter after letter to the bakery owners, begging them to let the local coven cast a spell to mask the scent.


But today is so much worse. My boss at the Department of Supernatural Affairs finally ordered me to use up my vacation days. Which means I’m stuck at home, sniffing donuts for two entire weeks. Unless I can find somewhere else to spend my nights.

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