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Happy Recent Release to Kiozhi

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

By Tamsin Ley

She doesn't want to be tied down again He thinks she's his second chance Who will get their way? I spent more than half my life sacrificing for my family only to be dumped for a younger woman. Now my kids are grown, and a luxury space cruise full of hot alien men sounds like the perfect fresh start. The very first night on board, I hook up with a blue-skinned alien who leaves me breathless. But no matter how charming and attentive Kiozhi is, I refuse to be strapped to a single man ever again...

Then we end up on a shuttle excursion together, and of course it crash lands on a hostile planet where having a mate is my only salvation.

I should've known all those Sci-Fi Romances books held a kernel of truth. Get your copy from:

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