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Happy Recent Release to Nazhin

By Tamsin Ley

Jennifer After my ex-boyfriend steals a year’s worth of my astronomy research and publishes it as his own, I fear all is lost for me. Then my twin sister wins tickets for an alien space cruise, giving me a hail Mary to turn in my college thesis on time. But only if I can keep my eyes on the stars instead of the hot, blue-skinned porter helping me with my luggage…

Nazhin As the owner of Demod Industries and one of the Intergalactic Dating Agency’s top sponsors, why am I pretending to be a lowly porter? Because Jennifer has made it clear she wants nothing to do with the guests who are looking for matches. So I bide my time and remain by her side. I know she’s my mate. A Kirenai’s iki’i doesn’t lie. But when we crash on a hostile planet with a species who believes females have a single purpose, the only way to protect Jennifer may be to claim her for myself—whether she wants it or not… Get your copy from:

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