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Happy Release Day to The Undead Life of Molly Thorn

By Lisa Wells

Molly Thorn used to be young and hip. Then she died. Now, she’s back from the second veil as a hot-flashing, brain-glitching, middle-aged woman. Worse yet, the shop she owns—Unraveling Yarn—is a cover for her new position as Assistant to the Grim Reaper of the Magicals. The guy’s a total grump.

On her first undead night, Molly discovers a co-ed group of misfit Mythicals hiding in her attic: a vampire, an ogre, a dragon, and a fairy. The eclectic group of knitting enthusiasts fuss and discuss absolutely everything, but sex after forty is their favorite topic upon which to share their questionable collection of wisdom.

There’s one small problem to the Undead Life of Molly Thorn. The previous owner of her body, now a ghost, has filed a petition to get it back. While Molly would gladly trade it in for a younger model, that’s not a freaking option. If she loses her body, she morphs into a coffin dust bunny.

And that’s not high on her list of bad future decisions to make. Get your copy from:

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