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Happy Release Day to Unchained

By Honey Phillips

Can an alien warrior reap his revenge without losing the woman he loves?

A debilitating medical condition has taught Marcy to live her life within carefully maintained boundaries. The one time she allows herself to test those boundaries, she is abducted and taken away from her restricted life.

But being thrown into a dark alien prison cell isn’t the worst thing that could happen to her. There is comfort in the darkness, and in the huge, mysterious alien who challenges her mind - and her heart.

S’quent learned in the most painful way that no one could be trusted. Despite his captivity, he utilizes his formidable skills to plot a suitable revenge. Just as his plans are coming to fruition, he is gifted with a tantalizing female. He knows that there are strings attached to the gift, but he finds her almost impossible to resist.

A corrupt prison, an endangered species, and an evil sibling. He didn’t think the stakes could get any higher. He was wrong.

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