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Happy Release Week to An Alien Spark

By Calla Zae

“Every time I’m near you, I die a little, but you’re worth every spark of pain.”

After being rescued from a horrific abduction, Nina finds her niche as a yoga instructor for aliens on a new planet. She can’t help her attraction to the impressive soldier who rescued her. But every time he sees her, pain and repulsion splash across his face. That’s not the kind of reaction a girl hopes for in a love interest. So she confronts him and discovers that fate has linked them together in unimaginable ways.

As an elite soldier with a rare illness, Zeycott doesn’t want to attach himself to anyone or anything. Nina changes everything by igniting an unusual spark that trembles his body awake. But being with her comes with a dire price.

Is Nina his salvation or is she the catalyst that will kill him?

If you like strong women, attractive star-beings, and galactic adventures infused with romance, then you’ll love this full-length sci-fi romance from the Soldiers of Saedo Series! The book can be read as a standalone.

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