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Happy Release Week to Artek

By Honey Phillips

Can a marriage of convenience between an alien rancher and the town spinster become something more? Worn down by war and conflict, Commander Artek and his brothers - the soldiers under his command - have chosen to start a new life on a backwater planet. As hard work and peaceful surroundings start to heal old wounds, he realizes that something - or rather someone - is missing from his new life. None of the human females in the small town on the other side of the mountains appeal to him except for the shopkeeper’s daughter. She’s smart, sensible - and disturbingly attractive despite her shapeless clothes and brusque manner. Although Nelly is rapidly turning into the town spinster, she’d rather be alone than married to one of the local bumpkins. But when one of the mysterious aliens who have taken up residence in the mountains behind the town proposes a union, she sees the chance for a new future. He’s big and gruff - but he treats her as if she’s precious. But a whirlwind courtship and a hasty marriage are only the beginning. Can two people who know nothing about each other possibly find happiness together? Each book in the Seven Brides series features a different couple and may be read as a standalone, but the books do link together. This sweet and steamy series is intended for mature readers.

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