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Happy Release Week to My Highland Mate

By Shelley Munro

Rejection ripped out her heart, but the reunion might kill her… Years ago, Anita suffered a humiliating and devastating rejection from her fated mate. Her announcement at the pack dinner created waves that rippled through her life and changed her path. Now at the Highland gathering, she has come face-to-face with the horrid, dumb-arse stupid wolf. She’d hoped the years would heal, but no. Every painful, embarrassing, and soul-destroying moment shoves her back into uncertainty and a vulnerable state. Worst of all, she still wants him with an instant craving that threatens to chop her off at the knees. The problem: Rory’s gawking at her as if he likes what he sees, and even worse, he asks for an introduction. He’s looking and looking hard, but he doesn’t recognize her… Introducing the first romance in a Middlemarch Shifters spin-off series. A stubborn werewolf and an irked leopard shifter dance around their feelings at a special gathering to find fated mates. Forbidden love and second chances bring suspense and danger, and the handsome and oh, so sexy wolf faces up to the truth about his headstrong feline lover. Get your copy from:

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