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August Alien Romance Book

Zyaire's Forbidden Power

by Lashe' Lacroix

A stubborn Warrior

Zyaire Ketmer has been thrown into a dangerous war, where someone has their sights on the Thulrillon thrown, and he’s just been volunteered to find out who. As a newly appointed imperial warrior in the army, his mission is clear. So why can’t he get his head into the game? As life, limb, family, and planet hang in the balance Zyaire will face his most challenging battle yet.

A fierce human mate

Rayne Colburn has almost lost everything. From slave to survivor, she doesn’t take no for an answer. When the tables turn, and she gets the chance to save the alien that saved her, she doesn’t hesitate. Who would’ve thought saving his life meant there wouldn’t be a place for her in his heart? His purple hide has another lesson in earth females if he thinks she will go quietly into the friend zone after all they have shared.

Author Spot Light: Lashe' Lacroix

Lashe’ Lacroix has been a writer ever since she was able to write. As an avid voracious reader, she learned that she could write the stories that she longed to read. She worked for the government after college, but she still made time to write. She writes contemporary romance and paranormal romance with a focus on dark heroes. There will always be a haply ever after, but her characters might go through the fiery depths of hell first. It is the one genre that will pull at your heart strings and guarantee a happy ever after.

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