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January Free PNR Romance Book

The Vampire Heir

by Juliana Haygert

A young woman with a secret. A vampire with a death sentence. And a terrible fate that will destroy them both…


When I was invited to Castle DuMoir, I knew I’d end up dead. The guests might be excited by the exclusive ball inside the estate, but I know better. The castle’s inhabitants are vampires, and they want our blood. Undercover work is dangerous, but I’ve been through worse. That is, until I unwillingly become a blood slave to Drake, the brooding vampire prince. Desire begins to stir, but I can’t afford distractions. My dark secret will save us all… or doom the supernatural world forever.


I didn’t think love existed. Then I met Thea. Vampires aren’t supposed to have a heart. But mine beats for her. Yet I can’t protect Thea in a castle full of conspiracies and betrayal. The vampires are about to choose the coven’s new leader, and there’s a murderer running loose. After everything I’ve done, I thought that I was the most dangerous monster in existence. I’m not even close.

A thrilling paranormal romance novel, The Vampire Heir is a new adult fantasy featuring a dark vampire prince and a strong heroine. Fans of A Shade of Vampire and The Vampire Diaries will become addicted to this new series— the first in the Rite World universe!


Rite World:

The Vampire Heir (Book 1 - Rite of the Vampire 1)

The Witch Queen (Book 2 - Rite of the Vampire 2)

The Immortal Vow (Book 3 - Rite of the Vampire 3)

The Warlock Lord (Book 4 - Rite of the Warlock 1)

The Wolf Consort (Book 5 - Rite of the Warlock 2)

The Crystal Rose (Book 6 - Rite of the Warlock 3)

The Wolf Forsaken (Book 7 - Rite of the Wolf 1)

The Fae Bound (Book 8 - Rite of the Wolf 2)

The Blood Pact (Book 9 - Rite of the Wolf 3)

Author Spot Light: Juliana Haygert

While USA Today Bestselling Author Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting—but equally gratifying—life of a wife, mother, and author. She resides in North Carolina and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy.

1. Please introduce yourself briefly in 3-5 sentences.

Hi! I’m a writer, lover of books, coffee, high heels, jeans, and k-dramas!

2. What book(s) sparked your desire to write?

One I wrote, called The Haunted House lol It was an assignment for an English class—to write a short book. So I wrote one and loved it. I was already a big reader but I had never considered writing a book until then. I was 13 years old ;)

3. How long have you been writing romance?

Since I was 13yo lol My stories always have other elements, and sometimes then lean heavily on urban fantasy, but there’s always ALWAYS a romance in my books ;)

4. What’s your favorite romance trope or theme?

Enemies to lovers!

5. What’s your favorite book you’ve written?

Oh man, it’s not a popular one—Daughter of Darkness.

6. Tell us something random about you.

I graduated from high school and started living by myself when I was 16!

7. If you had one piece of advice for someone interested in writing, what would it be?

Study the craft before you write too many books. You can only break the rules once you learn them ;)

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