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Want a print book package

from featured authors Katie MacAlister, Zoey Indiana, Skye MacKinnon, or another author?

READERS! Are you active online? Are you constantly looking for new books to fall in love with? Well… Welcome to BOOK GUSH OCTOBER!

Over 100 authors are looking to send out print book packages to those active on IG, TT and FB, to help spread the word about books you might not know, with stories you are dying to read! ALL GENRES except children’s books will be available!

So? How do you get in on this? FILL THIS OUT:

This form is open from today the 25th to the 1stof September!

And starting in September authors involved will be picking their recipient, and sending a package to them!

Participating readers MUST post Video’s, Lives or Reels for the ‘unboxing’ of the book, and a gush post during the read or after. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW REQUEST. We don’t want your review, we want your influence, your post about the book you receive.

ARE YOU IN? Take a chance and find some diamonds you never knew existed!

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