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March Free Alien Romance Book

Rescued by the Alien Prince

by Katrina S. Karter

Tamsin Hewett

Tamsin, an infectious disease physician’s life is hectic, selfless, and caring. She is invested in helping her sister take care of her nephew Wyatt. Her dedication to her nephew’s health is her priority as he battles a life-threatening illness. Her life is turned upside down when a routine doctor’s appointment is derailed when aliens kidnap her.

Their lives on White Elfall, becomes increasingly difficult when she realizes that the aliens are involved in more than kidnapping humans. When her futile attempts at escape puts them in jeopardy, things become complicated when she comes face to face with alien warriors infiltrating her prison.

Instead of the alien wanting to help rescue her, his sole mission doesn’t involve her at all. Can she get the huge alien to rescue her?

Iarred Ackmed

The fate of my planet rest on me finding a resolution to this incurable virus. As a warrior of Alpha Majestrog, my word is my bond, but these circumstances require me to go back on my word. I have been forbidden to go on this stealth mission to retrieve an antidote.

This is one time; I am unable to obey the king. I am willing to risk it all, even my life and if I get to kill some Gurguns great. My secret stealth mission goes terribly wrong when I come face to face with a feisty human female demanding my help.

Only my king has the right to order me around. This slip of a female is bartering with me, and unfortunately, she has something I want. I need to complete my mission, save my mate and get the antidote back home or everything that I love will be forfeited.

Author Spot Light: Katrina S. Karter

Katrina believes that a healthy relationship has a foundation built on trust, respect, adoration, and hot kinky sex in a sane, consensual, safe environment feels in order to be happy you must be true to yourself.

She loves to travel, swim, and safaris. She admits that she likes to do anything adventurous and loves spontaneity. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and living life to the fullest.

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