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August RH Romance Book

Captured by Wolves

by Fiona Starr

A hacker witch with a price on her head, three wolf princes without a throne, and a destiny none of them expected.

Tonight’s the night. One last job and I am out of here. After years of being an indentured witch, hacking and stealing for the mob, I am done.

But I won’t be leaving empty handed…

I’ll be taking a large portion of my boss’ cash while also relieving him of my magical marker that’s he’s held over me for years. And I won’t be leaving alone apparently, because when I break into his secret dungeon, I discover a man in chains. He’s a tall, dark, and tragically wounded, and based on the security around him, he’s pretty valuable, so I take him too.

Imagine my surprise when he opens his eyes and shouts, but not in fear—he’s carrying on about how he’s found the one. I think he might be crazy because I think he might mean me.

I’d leave him behind if not for his eyes… they are full of deep pain and raise a longing within me like I’ve never known. I should be long gone, but abandoning him is not an option. Then his brothers arrive and I find that I am leaving, only now in the rear of a panel van with my hands tied behind my back.

Not exactly what I had planned.

I’m not supposed to be here, but they look at me like I am exactly what they ordered—their appetizer, dinner, and dessert. All I wanted was my freedom. But there’s something about the three of them, something I can’t deny.

I never expected this. I never expected them.

Captured by Wolves is the first book in the paranormal romance Shifter Moon series from USA Today bestselling author Fiona Starr. Fall into the world of Shifter Moon where magic reigns, wolves run wild, and prophecies foretell the destiny of all.

Author Spot Light: Fiona Starr

Fiona Starr is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author who lives her happily ever after in the mountains of Colorado with her hunky husband, their four kids, and their fleet of fur babies. Wolf shifters and witches are her jam anything goes! One thing for sure is there will always, always be a happily ever after! Xoxo.

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